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Protection of public and private facilities


The service of Private Security, is carried out by highly qualified personnel who, according to the requests of the client, performs its task in full compliance with the laws and with the utmost care and confidentiality.


The constant, well visible and identifiable presence of such personnel on the place to be protected acts as a deterrent to any and all attempts to violate or act illegally, as well as committing any acts of violence.

In order to guarantee a regular and effective service of vigilance, all the NS staff, is equipped with the latest generation equipment, and there is a constant activity of control through modern technologies of video surveillance.


We provide security services to villas, hotels, clubs, resorts and pleasure boats. The purpose of using the security personnel is to ensure the customer a state of absolute peace of mind both at the time of his presence in the logo, but especially during his absence, as an adequate service for these needs, provides 24-hour coverage by the operators of NS Company, always following an agreement entered into previously, with the customer.

The operators in charge of this service are professionals with a common denominator: CONFIDENTIALITY.

In addition to human resources, we are able to provide, thanks to the Joint Venture with one of the leaser companies on the market, the installation of security systems of video surveillance and CCTV as well as alarms of any kind.


The implementation of a security device

during: Fairs - Events - Exhibitions - Concerts - Events, allows our customers

to carry out their entertainment activities in absolute serenity without

worrying about what might happen for the purposes of an accident rather than

unwanted intrusion.

Our operators, carry out the service with the utmost diligence and care on access control, monitoring meticulously both the passes and any accesses, reducing to a minimum the possibility of participation in the event by unauthorized persons.

The methodology of the services we perform, is based on a series of intelligence activities to ensure absolute security with regard to both people and property entrusted to our protection. any exposure of assets of value and works of art, will be planted 24 hours, so as to ensure maximum security of the same.

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