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Protection of Private and Public figures


VIPs, Entrepreneurs, Magnates and Royal Families

Should you need a bodyguard in Milan, you can choose us with the certainty of obtaining a quality service. Our customer protection service is carried out by highly qualified personnel, patented and recognised above all in the international territory in the figure of BODYGUARD VIP, with over 25 years of experience in the specific field of private security. Continuous training and education in this field makes our operators the elite on the market.

Accompagnament BASSA copia

So, by choosing our security agency, you can be protected by bodyguards who will take care of you or your loved ones, keep an eye on your surroundings, and be able to foresee or avoid risks. A further strength is the excellent knowledge and command of languages on the part of all the staff employed, which enables us to carry out the activity in any social, national and international context. Our VIP escort and protection services are mainly provided in MILAN - ROME - COSTA SMERALDA - MONTECARLO - FORMENTERA - IBIZA - DUBAI - ABU DHABI - NEW YORK - MIAMI - LOS ANGELES. So, you can choose the VIP escort service even when you are on holiday and want to enjoy the right amount of privacy, avoiding troublemakers, paparazzi and other circumstances that can cause you stress.

All in all, if you wish to have top-quality VIP Protection, you can count on our agency, we are the security you need in all circumstances.


In addition to the VIP escort service at our agency, you can also request the service of guardianship and accompaniment of minors. The latter consists of accompanying and taking care of your children during their travels, both in your presence and during your absence. This service is carried out on a daily basis, with respect to commitments such as: school - sport - music, or during leisure time: beaches - playgrounds - discos, etc.

For the performance of this extremely delicate private escort service, only operators are engaged who, in addition to their high level of professionalism in the field of security, have in-depth knowledge of socio-pedagogical as well as psychological studies, in order to interact appropriately with the protected subject. In this way, an appropriate synergy is created and a relationship of trust is achieved. This service, in addition to protecting the child from abduction attempts, prevents the child from coming into contact with unsuitable social contexts, thus maintaining a state of moral integrity.

Our main focus is on safeguarding children from being bullied, a phenomenon that is unfortunately on the rise today. Our company is able to provide this service throughout the country and internationally, depending on the client's requirements.

Enter a new dimension of security

We are involved in many different projects, but we always find the time to devote to our customers who need an excellent private security agency. After all, our mission is precisely to solve the problems of those who need the very best in security. We are at your disposal because we want you to experience the professionalism we offer as soon as possible.

After trying our services you will feel really safe and we can become your point of reference for personal or property protection. If your need is to rely on a professional and experienced security agency in Milan, contact us now and tell us about your needs.

We will listen to you, attempting to analyse your case in full, drawing up a strategy from the outset that can solve the critical issues. At the same time, we will show you how our strategy and services can meet your needs, taking care of every detail.

Enter a new dimension of security now, we will get back to you within 24 hours, putting us at your service!

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