Training courses for auxiliary security operators

The Basic Subsidiary Security Operator course is the first step in the training of personnel working in the field of trust services.

In Italy today, every company needs personnel who know how to manage customer reception and assistance in a professional manner, who are able to control and check vehicle access to areas inside facilities, recognise a danger and consequently what to do to contain and limit it.


What are the course objectives?

The aim of the course is to train a professional figure who, within a structure, is able to analyse and operate in line with current regulations and consequently, according to the needs that arise from time to time.

To whom is it directed?

The course is aimed at all those who aspire to work in the private security sector. The aforementioned course, organised in partnership with OMBRA INVESTIGAZIONI SRL, was developed entirely by lecturers working in the private security sector, who have acquired a wealth of experience directly in the field. All topics covered during the course faithfully reflect the realities that aspiring trainees will find in the private subsidiary security services company. The basic course is the first step towards becoming part of this fascinating and challenging world of work.

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