Risk Analisys

Corporate protection

With respect to the module of Corporate Security, New Security & Consulting provides consulting services aimed at the protection of tangible assets such as: human resources and security systems. Intangible assets such as: trademarks and patents, trade secrets, company and customer loyalty.

For the implementation of such streams, New Security & Consulting carries out a careful analysis aimed at assessing the vulnerability, examining and cataloging the activities carried out by the customer, the corporate structure - classifying and monitoring the staff employed - identifying sensitive data and people who manage them.

Analisi rischi BASSA

Implementation of defensive business strategies

The objective of the consultants specialized in corporate security is to minimize the risks of the client company, relating to the capital of human resources as well as economic.

New Security & Consulting carries out the vulnerability assessment of resources and assets, production facilities, offices and research and development centers of the company.

From the elements collected as a result of this analysis, it determines what could be the potential damaging or criminal events and the probability that these may occur; thus calculating the negative impact they would have on the client's company, both in economic and structural terms.

This allows the customer to implement the necessary defensive strategies such as: implementing security measures for the value-added installations, sensitive equipment and critical production areas.

Travel Risk

Protection of company executives during travel in high-risk countries

The executives and staff of a company, are key figures in any business and are often required to travel to different parts of the world. The world is an unpredictable place, and in addition to natural disasters, there can be unpleasant surprises, including deliberate criminal acts.

New Security & Consulting, offers logistic and operational support in order to protect the staff of each company engaged in business trips in hostile territories, allowing them to conclude in a productive way their business.

In order to identify the factors that may have a negative impact during a transfer through areas at risk, New Security & Consulting makes use of its team of professionals specialized in Risk Analysis, which, through in-depth studies of all areas that will be eventually visited, will ensure the smooth running of the operation in place.

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